Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) 1.0

Gangsterklassiker GTA III auf dem Mac spielen


  • 3D graphics
  • Stunning realism and action
  • Huge depth


  • Not suitable for younger players
  • No windowed or full screen mode


The Grand Theft Auto games by Rockstar are now legendary amongst PC and game console owners. Now Mac users can finally have a slice of the latest action with Grand Theft Auto III for Mac.

Grand Theft Auto III continues the controversial Grand Theft Auto franchise into the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. GTA III for Mac gives you more freedom than ever before to do what you want, when you want in crime ridden Liberty City. For the first time, GTA III introduces 3D graphics for an even more realistic and pulsating gaming experience.

Liberty City is loosely based on New York and follows the life of a criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend in a bank robbery. The graphics and scenarios are extremely adult in places (such as the ability to pick-up prostitutes and do car jackings) so parents should be aware that GTA III isn't for younger players who must be 17 or over to download this game.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to run GTA III for Mac in windowed mode and it hasn't been integrated with Lion's full screen mode function.

GTA III is one of the most popular and controversial games ever released and Mac fans of the game won't be disappointed.

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Grand Theft Auto III


Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III) 1.0

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